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Today I want to share an after workout snack. It`s a snack that you can make and have in the fridge ready to eat when ever you want and need a small meal.

The basics ingredients are:

1: Coconut milk

2: Superstate Collagen protein

3: Raw cacao powder or frozen blueberries.

4: Erythritol or similar. You can also use raw honey

I like to make seven portions at once and keep it in the fridgeover a week.

One portion:

1-2 table spoons of Super State Collagen protein,
100-150 gram of coconut milk,
1 topped tea spoon with raw cacao powder or 0,5dl of frozen blueberries,
Approximately 1/2 tea spoon of Sukrin Gold (erythritol) or 1/2 teaspoon with raw honey. (With erythritol you can increase the amount a little, but too much honey won’t make it that healthy).

Blend it all together with a hand mixer or a kitchen machine. The consistency should be like a milkshake.

If you want to make snack for the whole week multiply the ingredients with 7. I would also recommend you add 2-4 spoons of active Probiotics in it and the consistency should be more like a mousse.

Drink or eat it (100-150gram) with a spoon after a work out or when you just want a small snack. If you avoid eating other carbohydrates when drinking/eating this meal you will also boost your fat burning. Remember that the nutrition I recommend is with a limited amount of carbohydrates in it.


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