Well, it`s not easy to know if you just take a quick look!

But there is a big difference and the difference is the amount of carbohydrates that is in the different crackers.

Both crackers have nuts and seeds in it, but only one of them has also oatmeal and/or grain. When having oatmeal or grain in it you get a relatively high amount of carbohydrates in your cracker. The high amount of carbohydrates gives you a higher level of sugar in your blood and also the amount of Insulin. Insulin is a hormon that helps your body to transport the sugar into your cells and use it as energy. It also tells your body to storage fat and that slows down your fat burning.

Therefor if you are eating a cracker with high levels of carbohydrates you will lower your fatburning. If you are eating a cracker with a minimal amount of carbohydrates in it instead, you will boost your fatburning by keeping your insulin levels low.


Read on the backside of your cracker box and look what it contains.

The square cracker on the left side contains only 6,1 gram carbohydrates per 100gram of crackers (or 1,1 gram of carbohydrates per cracker).

The round cracker on the other hand contains approximately 30gram carbohydrates per 100gram of crackers.


make sure you buy or make crackers with a low amount of carbohydrates in it. Look for low carbs crackers and don’t be fooled by the healthy labels.

If you want to loose weight and keep fit you need to choose a cracker with a low amount of carbohydrates in it instead.

All the best

PS: Remember to eat the the cracker with proteins or fat and vegetables and not carbohydrates on it!

Helle <3

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