How are you?
I hope life is smiling and that you are making sure to enjoy life, all though life always has some challenges.

Today I want to share a very important aspect on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

An aspect a lot of people forget to do and they get lost. Literally. On their journey to becoming the best version of themselves the look in the mirror and get scared, confused and frustrated. Why?

Because theyhaven’tgot any specific picture in their head, heart or consciousness about who they want to be.
Who they are dreaming of becoming as a person. They might want to loose weight, get stronger and feel more energetic, but they can`t tell me who they want to become.

We are all ourselves, but when that is said: We can all become the person that we are dreaming of being.

We just need to remember to dare to dream about that person and have a clear picture of how that person is.

How it acts and behaves, thinks and feels.
We need to have a goal and a picture so we can act accordingly to that picture.

In example: If you want to be a healthy, sexy, fit and strong person, then you need to ask yourself everday:

– What would a healthy,energetic, fit and strong person do?

Not drink?

In what way would that person get up in the morning?
How would itwalk into the gym?
What kind ofactivitieswould he or she prioritize?


If you want to change and be someone else, You need to change.


It`s not something else around you or another person. It`s you.


It`s your actions and feelings and mindset that need to change to become the person you want to be.



1: Picture the person you want to be, the person you are dreaming of becoming.What ever that person looks like. Write down what personalcharacteristics that kind of person would have and what kind of actions that person would do.

2: Then start acting and behaving like that person with those qualities and personalcharacteristics.

3: Do that consistently every day for three weeks and feel the change. Write what kind of person you want to be on your mirror and act as it and you will become that person you are dreaming of being.

Try it out and see!

Helle <3


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