how are you doing?
I hope you are enjoying this day, just as I am. If not I hope this post will cheer you up!

Today I want to tell you how you can teach yourself to be more happy, peaceful and calm.

Isn`t that what we all want?

The trick, or the thing, or the fact is that most of us are taught that we can`t trust that we are protected and safe in this world.
The news are telling us daily to watch out. The prices are going up on food, the real estate market is going down, and then suddenly the market is going upagain then there is too little rain, then it`s too much, then there is war, then there are a lot of jobsavailable, then there are none… and it keeps going on for ever.

But is it true?
Or are you actually safe and protected? And when you look back haven`t most things worked out for the better?

Today I will challenge to you to learn to trust a life principle:

The fact that you are safe. You are protected. You are taken cared of. The best thing you can do is to stay in love. To be love. Hang with me here:

This is a principle that will reprogram your way of thinking, feeling and being. In doing that it will also change your life for the better.

The trick or point is to remind yourself every time you are getting stressed, anxious and worried that you are safe and protected. To take a breath and telling yourself these words (repeatedly if needed).

In example: When you are opening your mail and you get a huge bill that you didn’t expect to get and you get a little angry, pissed and stressed. AND right there when you get these feelings, that`s when you need to hit back with good feelings, thoughts and actions. Saying to yourself: It`s ok, I´m safe and taken cared of. Now I`m going to make myself some lunch and give my kid a hug and then let go and focus on the lunch and the hug instead.

Does it sound silly?

Ha ha, maybe it does. But who cares? It works. It`s just like learning all other things in life, like driving a car or learning to knit. It takes practice, but after a week you will notice a difference and after three weeks: You should feel a big difference. You should be more peaceful and your actions should be far more productive and full of love.

When you then are late for an appointment it`s a big chance that you will just take a breath, realize that everything is fine and just send a text message and let the person now you are one the way. And if you are really good you drop by a coffee shop and buy a coffee for you and the person you are meeting.

And that`s the staying in love part.
To be in love is to act out of joy, not fear.

To keep smiling all though your first thought and reaction might be to cry or to get angry. To reassuring yourself and smile instead. That`s teaching yourself to hold on to the principle of love. To not let circumstances determind who you are, how you react, but how strong you are in the principle of love. Your soul stamina.

To sum up: How good you are at being love and spread joy all though you might get a bill or having a cranky partner or kid at home.

Do you get me?

It`s time to start believing and telling yourself that you aresafe,protected and taken cared of and act based on that. Act based on love, no matter what.

Try it out!

Next time you feel stressed take a breath and tell yourself the lines below. Keep telling yourself all though itdoesn’t feel as it is working all the time. It takespractice and reprogramming yourself takes daily practice. The goal is to stop believing and acting out of fear. Stop listening to all the worries from the media and the people around you. Stop worrying about thingsunnecessary, instead of resting in the fact that you are safe.

PS: To live on a principle based on trust that you are taken cared of and safe, doesn’t mean that you are not taking precautions if you feel unsafe. You don`t walk in a dark alley. You stay inside if the weather is really bad and you do your best to get a good job you like. The point is that you do it out of love and joy in life, not based on fear or anger.

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