Today I want to share a short workout sequence you can do where ever you are to strengthen your stomach, butt and back. You will also increase your mobility in your back

It will take you less than 2 minutes to do and if you want to go crazy bananas you do the sequence 3 rounds and you will really make your stomach, butt and back burn!

Remember to pull your stomach in and up towards your back and ribcage when rolling through your back and lifting your arms to the sides. The more you pull your stomach in, the greater stretch you will get in your back.


Push down into your heel when lifting your butt up into a bridge, squeeze your butt on the top and keep your hips on level.

When going up in a bridge position just go half way the first time and make sure that you don`t get any pain in your lower back. The exercise should be challenging, but not giving you discomfort.

Good luck!


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