Happy New Year to you!

I`m enjoying my last days of this year and doing my preparations for 2019. To have a great start, it`s actually a good idea to start with the end and I`ll tell you why. Here are my 10 bullet points that will guarantee myself and you a flying start of the new year (not matter where you are coming from and where ever you are going).

1: Accept what has been. It`s done.
When you look back at the lastyear it`s important to acknowledge what have been and that it`s done. Write down what big happenings or events that have happened. No matter if they are good or bad.

2: Harvest the blessings:
Find the blessings in what has been. If you have been going through some hard times, acknowledge what gifts and blessings those times have given you. In example: Morestamina, endurance,courage and trust in yourself or in other people.

3: Picture your dream year (What´s your goals?):
What are your goals for the next year? What do you want? Write it down. It is very important to have a clear vision of what you want. Withspecific wishes and goals you will know what you are going to use your time and energy on. If you want to be an expert in a TVshow, you`ll watch a lot of TVshows. (haha, a joke, but still.) If you want to get fit, you will start going to the gym and take healthier food choices and priority enough and quality sleep. Imagine what you will do on a regular basis to make sure everyday is a dream day, in your dream year!

4: Write down your incompletes:
What youdidn’t get done the last year and that you still want and need to get done. Write also down why youdidn’t accomplish it. What happened? What where you afraid of? What did you think about the situation? What hindered you to complete it?

5: Put it on your calendar!
Make sure that you put your plans in your calendar, so you design your dream year. If you forget or don`t remember to do this, you will keep doing the same routines you have been doing that last year and you won`t get closer to your goals. You need to make sure your daily actions are taking you to goals. Design and plan your days through your year. If you want to get fit: Decide when to work out, what kind of work out you are going to do, what you are going to eat and what other healthy choices you are going to make daily.

6: Get support!
Make sure that you have a support system that will support and help you through the year and your process. A trainer, a program, a friend or a group that will help you and give you feed back every week. It`s sooo easy to get lost and fall back into old routines. Make sure that you have at least one person that will support you through the changes you are making.

7: Just do it!

Don`t base your actions on what you feel like doing. You need to follow your plan to get your results. What ever your goals are, you can`t listen to all the excuses (I promise you will find) not to do it. In example: I don`t have the time, I don`t have the energy, I`m too old, too young, too fat, too thin… bla bla bla. Be true to your habits. Not your feelings. Period. Act no matter what.

8: Evaluate your actions!
Make sure that you weekly check in and see that you are on right course. Maybe you need to do someadjustments or do some things differently to get to your results. I mean: How often don`t you have to adjust your cloths or your car on the road when you are out driving. Adjustments are a part of the process. Don`t expect to go straight from A to B.

9: Results often happen without you noticing.
Remember that grow might happen under grown too or in the dark. It`s not always you will see the changes you are making right away. Sometimes you will feel like nothing is happening and then it`s important to stick to your plan, keep getting support and keepevaluating the process.

10: Keep going (anyways!)

What is the alternative? To stop? Progression is not a linear process. Sometimes you take one step forward and then to steps backward or maybe to the side. It`s very important to remember that it is a part of the process. To feel lost and not knowing for sure if it will take you where you want to go. When you feel like this, keep going. Keep walking and in worst case, worst case: You might go in a circle for a while, and build bigger muscles to handle the next step towards your dream. The point is that as long as you have a clear goal and keep working to get it, you will move forward and getting closer.

I wish you a flying start and if you manage to get a clear vision of what you need to have your dream year you are already half way there!

All the best!



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