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today I want to share a menu with you on what to eat when you are on the go and not at home. It`s a menu based on meals when you don`t have the perfect restaurant nearby or maybe no restaurant at all. When you need to eat something and all you have to do is to look in your back pack or bag to find what you need.

This is what you are going to put in your Nutrition Travel Kit:

1: Hand steamer
2: Small traveling bottles (2-4)
3: One big To Go Cup

Put on the bottles:

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– MCT coconut oil or XCT oil
– Raw cacao powder
– Unsweetened Almond Milk

Bring also:

– Collagen protein powder
– Sukrin small packages (erythritol) or Steviosa
– Almond nuts
– Carrots in a bag
-Celery in a box
– Protein bars 2-4
(OBS: The protein bars should contain no more than 15g. of carbohydrates per 100 grams and try to avoid artificial sweeteners as Sukralose. The protein bar fronted in this article is low in carbs, but has artificial sweeteners. But it is an ok solution when you don`t have any other options.) Check out my homemade protein bars instead if you want to eat bars on a regular basis when out and about.

1: First meal:

Drink a coffee or tea. You want to get your energy level up and keep itthere and you want to feel full.

Therefor add 2 tbs of unsalted butter and 1 tbs of MCT coconut oil in it. Alternatively you choose Extra virgin Oliveoil orcoconut oil instead. Steam it and drink it!

2. Second meal:

If you can eat a big lunch with a lot of vegetables, fish or meat and healthy fat, go for it! Like a big salad with a lot of avocado in it or sour cream. Or a omelet, or a steak or similar.

If that`s not a option. Go for the What to eat on the go.

Or make your lunch before you go or the day before. In example an omelet with vegetables, olive oil and cheese.

3: The third meal:

This meal is the one where you need something quick, right where you are in five minutes. This could be unsalted almond nuts, a low carb protein bar or make yourself this delicious chocolate energy drink in a few seconds.

2 dl of Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 tbs of raw cacao
1 portion of Collagen protein powder
1/2-1 tbs of sukrin gold or half a portion pack.
2-8 tbs of Extra virgin Oliveoil (How much oil depends on how big you want your meal to be).
alternately you can addcinnamon on top

Put all the ingredients in the big On the go cup and shake it or steam it with your hand steamer. Drink and enjoy!

PS: You can mix it before you go in the morning and just keep it as cold as possible till you drink it.

Have a great day where ever you are going! A day full of nourishing food and drinks!

Helle <3


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