today I want to share this podcast list with you. The reason for this is that to shine in your life you need more than just workouts and healthy food choices. You need that too, but you also need to build Stamina and have good priorities and goals in your life. In my Shine recipe you`ll find these ingredients and with this podcast you will be able to build stamina, be better at making good priorities and reaching your goals.

To design a dream life you really want and create new patterns that will take you to your goals: it`s necessary to make changes in the way you think, feel and act. If not you will only get results for a short period of time and not the big changes you are dreaming for.

The podcast below with Derek Rydall is the one I have and I am listening to on a regular basis to work out my mind and heart and to help myself create my dream life!

To make a change you need to do it many times before it gets a natural routine and therefor I recommend you to listen do one of the podcasts below DAILY, at least 3 weeks to experience the positive changes. The more you listen to it and implement the advises the bigger the results you will get in your life.

So listen to Derek Rydall`s podcasts: Abundance and Emergence on a daily basis and see how you will start to shine even more!

FAVORITE* Why Fear is Your Best Friend [Podcast]

FAVORITE *Lies We MUST Challenge & Overcome! [Podcast]

FAVORITE*Coming Out of the Shadows [Podcast]

FAVORITE *Building Soul Stamina [Podcast]
FAVORITE *What’s Stopping You is Serving You [Podcast]

*Design Your Destiny: How to Build Habits that Guarantee Your Success [Podcast]

*7 Things You MUST Have to Create Sustainable Success [Podcast]

*How to Find Your True Message, Mission, and Work in the World [Podcast]

*The 7 Fold Path to Full Potential [Podcast]

* Wealth Shadows & How They Sabotage Your Success [Podcast]

*Enlisting Your Inner Warrior: The Secret to Being Unstoppable [Podcast]

*Why Most People Fail, But How You Can Beat the Odds [Podcast]

*Why You SHOULD Be a Control Freak [Podcast]

*Stop Planning For Failure, Start Planning From Fulfillment [Podcast]

*Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground [Podcast]

*What Pros Do That You Don’t – And Why You Must Start [Podcast]

*Someday is not a Day of the Week [Podcast]

*Ask Derek – Why is This so Hard [Podcast]

*Fear’s Secret Message to You [Podcast]

*How to Change Challenging People [Podcast]

*Ask Derek-How do I Keep Going When Nothing is Working [Podcast]

*Divine Disruption. [Podcast]

Helle <3

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