It might sound like a silly thing to say, but unfortunately most people are not living their life based on what they want, instead they are living based on what they have experienced earlier in their life and their conditions they are living under.

Said in other words: This is the life l`ve had and this is what l have now and this is what l need to base my future on.

Today I´m arguing the importance of doing the opposite. To start living your life based on what kind of life you are dreaming of!

No matter what.

To find out what you want and to hold on to where you want to go and not where you have been.

It may sounds logical (hopefully), but (honestly) do you have goals you are working on to achieve? Goals you have written down?

If so, you are one of a very people and a low percentage that do this. If you look at how many people that are living their dream life, it`s a very low percentage of those people too.

Your dream life starts with you visualizing your dream life.


You need to imagine it if it ever are going to manifest in life. It all you imagine and visualize are your life as it is, well guess what you get: The same life as you have now.

So I`m sitting here on this beautiful Sunday and looking at my goals, evaluating them and decide what kind of actions I`m going to take to get it.

No matter. No matter if I`m tired, sick, busy, have a lot on my schedule or what ever. I choose to stretch for my dream life and guess what:

I`m true to my dreams.
Are you?

I`m taking small actions daily to achieve my goals and I do that regardless of what is in mybank account, what I feel like, what people are telling me, not telling me or what kind of mood or energy l have, or what ever.

Most people are not true to their dreams.

They are true to the feelings and the conditions they have in their life. If they are tired, they decide that that`s a reason not to be true to their goals. They haven`tcommited to their future and the principle of taking actions towards your goals, no matter what.
Instead they let what they are feeling in the moment or their life conditions decide what they do. The let their past and where they are coming decide. Feelings and yourconditionswill always give you an excuse to look backward, repeat your past and forget your dream future.

You are too tired, too busy, too fat, too thin, too bored or you have not enough time, energy, money, support or resources. It`s too cold, it`s too hot, it`s too dark, it`s too light. The excuse list is as long as you make it and the more you keep holding on to your past the list just keeps on getting longer.

So let`s go back to the future.

What do you want?
What kind of life do you want?

Write it down and take daily actions to reach it.

No matter what.

That`s the clue.
Just keep your eyes on the ball and keep kicking it forward. When people or conditions in your life try to get your attention and scare the shit out of you, look at the ball and kick it.


That`s what I`m doing and now I`m going to write down how my perfect next week are going to be and believe me: I won`t let anything hinder me to be true to my dream life!

Will you?

Let`s kick that ball!

PS: It will help you a lot to listen to this podcast everyday for a week. I promise. Do that and you will have kicked that ball far and your dream life will be closer than it has ever been before.

Helle <3

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