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Today I`m sharing my top 5 exercises for pregnant women. There are several exercises that are good to do during your pregnancy when it comes to strengthening the muscles and when it comes to increasing you flexibility and make sure your muscle balance is good so you avoid pain and discomfort.

The five exercises below are good to strengthen your stomach and pelvis floor. They also strengthen your butt, back, thighs and hips.

Do the exercises 5-10 times each in a round. Do the round 1-3 times, 2- 3 times every week with a day of in between.

If you want the Program for pregnant women, you will get much more! You will:

1: Register your results: Your own page where you can register your results.
2: A Basic workout program: A program to ensure you have a good techniuqe and understanding of the pelvis, stomach, butt and shoulders.
3: A full workout program for you as pregnant: A full program you can do through your pregnancy at home or in a gym.
4: A workout schedule per trimester through your pregnancy.
5: Which exercises to priority when having pain or discomfort in your body
6: Helle’s top 10 workout tips during your pregnancy.
7: How to take it to the next level! What to do next to shine through your pregnancy.
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Good luck!

Exercise 1:

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