They are usually frusterated, irritated and discouraged when they ask me this question: Helle, what can l eat when l`m on the go? And there are no healthy alternatives?

What an healthy food alternative can be varies. It depends on your health goals, but the trick is to make the best choices out of bad choices often.
If you are person that travels a lot. There might be a good idea to plan your meals and bring food from at home, but when you are already out an about this is what l recommend you:
1: On the gas station:
The best option if you want to avoid sugar and carbohydrates is to choose sausages or hamburger, but avoid eating bread. Try to at least eat as little as possible. In addition to that some gas stations have vegetables as carrots that are great to eat. To get full and get some more proteins and fats, eat nuts. If you find nuts without salt that`s best. Drinks? Buy water og sparkling water without any sugar or artificial sweeteners.
2: In a grocery store:
Buy food you can eat directly out of it`s packages:

Vegetables: carrots, cucumber, paprika, celery,
Proteins: Ham or cheese in small packages, scrimps or crayfish ready to eat, sardins, tuna, makerel
Fats: olive oil, avocado, sour cream or unsalted nuts as almonds and walnuts.

3: When you get served food or the options are not good.

If they only have sandwiches, buy the sandwich and eat the ham, cheese and only some bread. You can ask to get more ham and cheese on the sandwich or you can ask them to add avocado in it (if they are making it). If they look at you like: You are a crazy person focus on eating what is good for you and eat a little as possible of the rest. If your next meal will be much later you better just eat the meal you are served/has as an alternative.

One meal that contains ingredients you usually don`t eat is not at problem. It becomes a problem when you start eating things on a regular basis that you shouldn`t eat.

1: Eat as much as you can of what is good for you.
2: Eat as little as you can of what is not that good for you.
3: Consider if you should wait and eat later or if you need to eat the alternative that is.
4: Back up plan on the go:

To avoid eating foods you don`t want or need make yourelf a food back up plan:

1: Have olive oils, almonds and/or walnuts always with you.

2: Have a travel fork, knife and spoon with you and a box you can if necessary mix a meal.

3: Buy protein bars that you have with you in case of emergency and you need to get energy fast.

4: If you like to do it as a pro, you buy yourself a hand steamer and bring MCT cocoonut oil and unsalted butter/extra virgin coconut oil in addition to protein powder with you to put in a cup of coffee.

With these options l hope you too will feel a little more at peace and motivated when you are on the go to make healthy food choices. All though there is not always a premade perfect green salad waiting for you around the corner.

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