Today l want to share my hot cacao recipe. You can drink it as your breakfast, or after dinner or when you need to boost your body. If you choose to drink it after dinner or as a boost, be aware that you should avoid eating/drinking sugar/carbohydrates too. You can also reduce the amount of butter if you want a small snack and just have the broth in it.

With broth in the hot cacao you get gelatin that strengthen your: digestion, skin, bones, bone structures and heart and muscles.

In addition gelatin contains of amino acids that have anti-inflammatory characteristics, glycin and prolin. They support the liver and it`s functionality and help the body with the detoxification process. Prolin is also important to build and strengthen the cell structures.

For me the goal is therefor to eat broth every day and especially when l feel under the weather. You can buy broth or you can make it yourself (which l would recommend). My broth recipe will soon be out on HW.

Here is the recipe on how you can make you a hot drink that makes you full and also boost your body (and also your fatburning when avoiding carbohydrates and having a reduced carbohydrate diet!)


1 tbs of raw cacao
1 tbs of MCT coconutoil
2 spoons of cacao butter
1-2 dl of hot water
1-2 tbs of broth

*Collagen protein powder
Not necessary, but you will get more of a complete meal with the powder in it.

PS!: You can also add a 1/2 teaspoon with Sukrin gold or Stevia to make it a little sweeter, without affecting your blodsugar. Recommended!

Cut the cacao butter into pieces and put in the cup with the other ingredients.

Add the broth to the mix too.

Then l recommend you to use a hand steamer or a blender to mix it together.

Then serve and enjoy!

PS: Remember that since you have a relative big amount of fat in this meal I will recommend you to stay away from sugar and carbohydrates when drinking this.

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