Check out my full list of typical mistakes most people do when trying to loose weight and find out if you do them too.

If you do, you can eliminate them and increase your fatburning in no time!

If you do one or more of these mistakes your weight loss will stop:

1: You eat too little

That`s a classical mistake. That you are trying to cut down on the calories to loose weight, but what happens is that you stop loosing weight and often you get a bigger stomach than before. Why? When the body doesn`t get the energy and food it needs to function well, it stores fat and waits for better times. The body experiences that there is not enough food to build muscles or getting fit and to have a good fatburning. Instead the body get rid of the muscles and the fatburning decreases. In addition the body can store more fat on your stomach o save energy till the body experience better times and it`s safe again to stop storing energy. The trick is to eat enough and if you base your diet on my nutrition program you should feel full and have no need to count calories and at the same time loose weight. If you are counting calories l would recommend you to increase the amount of food you eat every day.

2: The salad and chicken mistake

This mistake is almost the same as the first one. You are eating too little of an ingrediens. You are eating lot og vegetables and protein, but no carbohydrates or fats. In a chicken salad there is chicken and a lot of vegetables, but you are missing the thing that gives you energy and that makes you full. Either carbohydrates as pasta or rice or fats as oliveoil or avocados. You need to have one of these in your meals to get energy and to get full. I recommend to prioritize fats because it gives you better fatburning with a low impact on your blodsugar, it keeps you full through several hours and it gives you a stable energy over time.

3: You eat both carbohydrates and fat at the same time!

The third mistake is very typical too. You eat a salad with vegetables and chicken, but you eat BOTH carboydrates (pasta/rice) and fats (Olive oil/avocado) in it.
The mix of fat and carbohydrates gives you increased levels of insulin because of the carbohydrates (the hormon that storages fat) and the chances are that you store more fat than necessary and that your fat burning goes down.

4: You eat carbohydrates through the whole day

This mistake is also very typical. You start your day of with some cereal, bread or fruit juice. You then eat a sandwich at noon and maybe an apple before dinner.
This constantly eating of carbohydrates gives you a blod sugar that is not stable and again gives you increased amounts of the hormone Insulin, that again: Makes you more easily store fat and lower your fat burning.

5: You eat your sweets at the wrong time during the day:

Is it a good time to eat your sweets? I believe so.
After a good night sleep your fatburning is higher than the rest of the day, since your storage of sugar in your body is low. Do you then think it`s an good idea to eat carbohydrates to get high blodsugar levels and increased amounts of Insulin in your body? No. Instead you should eat protein and healthy fats. So when should you eat your sweets? After dinner, when your fat burning is slower.

Did you don anything on the list?
If so, smile! Now you know what you can do to get your fat burning rolling!

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