How often are you naked?

Besides of being naked in the shower? and almost naked when you are at the beach or in your swim suit. Maybe you sleep in the nude?

If not, it`s not many minutes you are undressed and only covered by your skin.
If you live like me in Norway it`s cold most of the times, but all though it would be hot all the time, l don`t think we would be more nude than what we are now, but who knows? Maybe we would?

Anyays, so you must wonder why on earth it is sooo important to be naked? Well, first and foremost being naked has nothing to do with sharing your body with anyone else than yourself. The goal is not a social media photo shoot. The goal is for you to enjoy your body as it is. Enjoy yourself, as you are.


To be uncovered and with no textiles it`s almost like being in the mountains without your cell phone or in the nature with nothing with you than yourself. All that is are you and the nature. No filters. Nothing outside of you to focus you, just you.

It`s just you,

the body that you see in the mirror is the beautiful construction that carries you through life. It deserves to be worshiped and be seen and taken cared of.

And how are you going to take good care of it, if you don`t see it for what it is?
If it`s covered up and hidden?

So be naked, walk around in your living room. Put on some music, dance or sing or just observe your body through the eyes of love. See your body as if you were your best friend. Be your best friend and look at yourself with acceptance, understanding and gratitude. Feel your body, look at it and ask yourself:

My dear body: What do you need me to do for you?

And listen to the answer you get:

I need you to rest more,
I need you to be more active,
I need you to slow down,
I need you to eat more vegetables,
I need you to take more vitamins,
I need you to dance more,
I need you to be more in nature,
I need you laugh more,
I need you to cry and let your pain out,
I need you to sleep more
I need you to give me more hugs.

Ask and listen and you will be surprised. Answers will come and if you do what your body is telling you the chances are that next time you are naked, you feel better and happier.

And remember:

It`s not your car, bicycle, your partner or your friends that are carrying you through your life:

It`s your body.

So let`s be grateful and show our bodies respect, acceptance and love, every day.

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