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Have you ever felt as you haven`t been enough?
If not being a half, but that you were lacking something?
That you just needed to do, say or act to get something you felt you were missing or lacking?

I have.

I also used to think that to have a good relationship with another person, it had a lot to do with the other person. At least that it was half his or hers responsibility to make a relationship work. Either it was a friend, my boyfriend, a stranger or my mother in law.

All though l do still believe that both parts have to take their responsibility for the relationship, l don`t believe anymore that l only have to take half the responsibility of the relationship. I believe you have to take a hundred percent responsibility of your relationships. No matter what the other person does or not.


Today I`ll share my thoughts about how to get great relationships and it starts with what you believe. Because the quality and the experience you have of your relationships in you life are based on your believes.

So what are your believes about relationships?

If you choose to go around believing that you need to find, get and search for love out there, you will go around waiting, looking and craving love. Expecting to get love around the corner or from the next person you meet. If l only meet the right person…..then…or If she/he just would start to act or behave differently then..

Then your believe is based on that something outside of you need to change for you to get what you want and need.


But what is really true? What if it`s not like that. What if everything that is, is inside of you? What if the change you want to see in your relationships is all about what You give?

What then?

If you look at life existence and life as a principle and look at the sun. Does the sun need to find, get and search for something outside itself to exist, to be?

It shines, no matter what.
Everything it needs is inside of it. It`s a perfect expression of life, just like the birds, flowers, the wind, rain

and us.


So what if everything you need is inside of you, just like the sun? Then the search for love and answers are not out there, but in you. You have the answers, you have the love, the search for what you want to get starts with what you are giving, not what you are getting.

The question is therefor what and how much of what you are do YOU LET OUT?
Do you let love come out?
Do you give love, no matter what?
Do you do your best in your relationships?
Do you give a hundred percent in your relationships? Do you take full responsibility for your interactions or do you wait for the other person and only take half?

Because if everything is in you, the goal should be to let more of YOU come out. Since you are everything that is, it`s already here, the challenge and job is to:
Get what`s inside of you out.


Because if you don`t give out big love, how can you expect to find big love or receive it? You have to have it yourself first (inside of you), to give it out and then be able to receive it again. It`s a circuit. You have to have it, pass it forward and then receive it again. Just like you are breathing in and breathing out. You can`t only breath in or breath out, then you will die.

I know this is deep and maybe a little hard to comprehend, but if you start to play with these thoughts your life will change for sure.

You won`t look at your partner, your friend or your mother in law and expect them to give to you as you did earlier. You will instead start looking at yourself and ask yourself: What am l giving out? What am l letting out from (the source) me?


If anything that is,
is inside of you,
what do you bring to this world?

How much are you giving out of all the beauty that is inside of you?
Heaven is not something that will come, it`s already here. It is here now and it`s up to you to let it out and experience it. Do you understand what l mean?
Your new boyfriend, your new dress, apartment, car or vacation won`t take you to heaven (if only for a very short period of time, before you feel that something is missing again).

Heaven is in you and the question is: Are you experiencing it? Are you letting heaven out? Or are you waiting at everyone around you to change, to do something differently, say something else or be something else?

Well, look again. Look in the mirror. It starts with you.

Give to yourself and then give to the people around you.
Be the person (life) you want to experience.

You have it all inside of you.
It`s all about giving, to yourself and then share it, shine it, receive it back and circulate it.


The great relationships you are dreaming of is inside of you. In your thoughts, your emotions and in your actions.
Your job is to bring it to the world, to let it out. The more you have and the more you let out, the more you will get back. If you want a fantastic husband, well, start with being an amazing wife. If you want to have a close relationship with your friend, start with being personal with your friend, if you want to meet strangers and feel a friendly and loving connection? Start with giving love, say hello and chat to strangers when you meet them.

Two halfs don`t make a whole.
Two I haves make a whole.

Be true to you and the life you represent.
Let the beauty inside of you come out.
Just like the sun:



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