this week I`m turning 35(!)
I`ll be honest with you and say that it`s scary getting older. l care a lot about taking care of myself and also the way l look and the way I´m eldest.

If it`s selfish?

Oh, definitively.

and I`m in love and I`m grateful of my selfish side. It`s the part of me who takes care of me and who protects me. How can l not love it and be grateful for it? This side makes sure that l`m doing fine in life and remember: If I´m doing fine and taking care of myself, l have A LOT MORE to give to others.

You can`t give, what you don`t have.
So give to yourself, so you have a lot to pass forward.

Being selfish, is actually making you selfless and a more good hearted person.

So, my point is:

In my goal of taking good care of myself, there is also a goal to look my best.
Today I will therefor share with you what l do regulary to take care of myself and shine:

1: Enough sleep
I prioritize getting a good night sleep at least 5 of 7 days. I get to bed between 10 and 11 pm and get up at 6 am.

2: I eat my vitamins
I take my vitamins daily and make sure l get enough D-vitamins especially and Omega 3 and in addition to iron, B, A, C, E, iodine and Folic acid.

3: I try to eat Broth in some form every day.
Either in a cacao or in a saus to strengthen my gut, stomach and immune system.

4: I use quality skin products
and l spoil myself with skin treatment every third month to boost my skin.

5: I take foot bath and do my nails weekly at home.
It`s one of my favorites activities before l go to bed.

6: I laugh everyday
and prioritize to do at least one fun thing everyday.

7: I use a body butter or cream and a foot cream to keep my feet softeveryday.
My favorite nail polish is ballerina pink and l love body butter.

8: I`m prioritizing fun and body movement everyday.

Either it is working out, going for a walk, dancing in the living room or having sex.

9: I use sun cream in my face the whole year.

And l`m careful with being in the sun on hot and sunny days or places.

10: I try to smile no matter what.
To smile is the easiest and best thing you can do to yourself and the people around you. A smile is the best beauty tip l can give you. It makes you shine both inside and outside in seconds!

So with a big smile on my face and my favorite moisturizer on my feet I`ll go to bed for a good night sleep and shine my best tomorrow!

Sweet dreams

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