Happy Sunday!

How are you?

I hope you have had a great weekend. I`m counting down to my birthday on Wedensday and I`m also working on my grocery list (not kidding).

I`m trying to make it as precise as possible so l get the food l need and want and that l don`t use more money than neccessary and that l don`t have to throw away food (I hate when that happens).

So today I`m sharing with you my top10 on my grocery list and you can find out if you have these foods in your kitchen too or not?

Maybe you will get inspired to buy some of these foods this week? Remember with the right food for you, you will boost your body and energy level!

My Top 10 on my Grocery list:


Green cale

Apple cider vinegar



Raw cacaopowder

MCT coconutoil


Collagen protein powder


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