Hello,Right now l’m in London and l’m eating a lot out and that can be challenging in the sense of making healthy food choices.

Today l therefor want to share how you can eat healthy when you are out traveling:

1: Order meals with a lot of vegetables and proteins. In example a salad and eggs or chicken.

2: Ask to exhange the bread, potatoes and pasta with vegetables and oliveoil, avocados our sourcream. Eat less of what you know is not healthy and eat as little as possible of the bread around a hamburger in example.

3: Try to avoid sugar (carbohydrates) till dinnertime.

4: Drink water instead of juice, soda and other Sweet drinks.

5: Enjoy your sweets after Dinner. Either you eat a dessert, or drink a glas or two of white wine.

Enjoy your traveling and keep making small healthy choices, Enjoy your food and Keep your conscience clear at the same time!


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