Happy Sunday!

Today l want to share my secret tool to boost myself through a day. It`s the one thing l like to do to restart myself during a day.

Often around lunch l can feel a dip in energy and the mornings have often been full of activities. Therefor l use this 12min meditation boost to neutralize myself. Since it takes under 15 min to do l have the time to do it every day if l want to. I prefer lying down on the couch,but it also works sitting on a bus with headphones on.

I don`t need to do anything else than to close my eyes and relax. Afterwards it`s like l`m starting the same day once more with the same energy l had when l woke up. My stress level is down and the hours between 2pm and 6pm are more efficient and balanced than they usually are if l don`t get my meditation break.

I highly recommend you to try it out and add it to your tool box with happiness buttons!

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