How often you Push your happy buttons determind how happy you are.

Therefor it is VERY important that you Push your buttons on a daily basis, as often as you can.

The trick is to make yourself a pool of buttons and joy that you can choose from and push as often as you can.

As often as l can?


Some people may think or feel that it is a selfish thing to do, and Yes it is, but being selfish is good. If you are being selfish in a good way, you are good at taking cares of yourself and then you get even better to take care of others.

To be good,

Starts with being good with yourself.


Therefor l will today share some of my happy buttons with you, which l daily push at least three of, but preferably a lot more!

– An hour to myself in the morning,
– listening to my favourite podcast
– walking to work
– helping people
– guiding people at Smart Trening
-work out
-eat healthy
– eat unhealthy, sugar:)
– listening to music
-being in nature
-drinking coffee
-writing books or articles
– Laugh
– Sex
– being creative
– meditate
– Taking a shower
– Enjoying the sun
– going to the opera
– read a book
– give thanks!
Of course being with my family and friends make me happy too, but the goal is to Push buttons l can do on my own first and foremost.

What are your happy buttons?

Are some of them similar to mine?

And how often do you Push them?

Remember that being a happy person is based on pushing those buttons daily. So do at least three of them each day!

Be selfish!

Take care to care!


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