Sunday is one of my favourite week days besides of Friday and Saturday. When that is said so are the other days usually also good days and today l will share with you how you can make your Monday feeling like Friday too!

The first part is kind of boring, but extremely efficient:

1: Use your Sunday to plan your week.
Write down what you need to do during the next week and when you are going to do it. That`s it. Write down on your cellphone when you are going to write those emails or do that shopping or have that conversation you need to have with your friend. Plan it and you are ready.

2: Do 3 things that make you happy everyday.Really. I mean it. That`s as important as to plan your week.
Therefor l will show you how make sure you manage to do 3 small things that make you happy (kids, partner, work) are not aloud to be one of those things.

So this is what you do. You intergrate your three things that make you happy during your day and into your routines in ex:

Morning routine: Taking a shower, brush me teeth…. Here you can add: Listening to music you like or podcast. Eat a great breakfast, workout or just meditate for 5min.

Day routine: Lunch….. Here you can add: Buy myself a nice cup of coffee, relax 5-15min by myself or in my office chair, go for a walk or call a friend.

Evening routine:……. Get changed to go to bed…. Here you can add: read a book, listen to music, foot spa, drink a cup tea.

The goal is for you to do something in the morning, at daytime and in the evening that makes you happy. It should be something small and it doesn`t have to take long to do. The happy thing should be something that you want and manage to do everyday just as brushing your teeth. You can vary and do different things, but you HAVE to do three things everyday that make you happy.

Because when you do that, you will increase your happiness and be more happy no matter what. It won`t matter if it`s Monday or Friday.

You see?

Go and write down what you need to do next week and then start pushing your happy buttons several times everyday!

Go and be happy everyday!

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