happy Sunday! It`s been a couple of days since l`ve been active on Snapchat (helleluxe) for those of you who are following me there. This was going to be my happy last vacation week with the kids, but that`s not what happened.

Instead l got sick.

The kind of sickness where you know you need acute help from the hospital or a doctor to be able to breath without pains. You wake up and think: S…! l have two kids which l promised this fun day and they won`t get it and l don`t think l`m even able to make them breakfast…or get out of bed.

I wasn`t dying. I was just alone with two kids and sick. It`s not the same as just being sick. Then you can just focus on you and get well, but not with two small kids. You need help to get rid of the pains and being taking cared of, but at the same time the kids expect you to take care of them. That`s what mum always does.

That is what mums who want the best for their kids are always trying to do, but also super mums get sick. So….

What to do? When you are alone with the kids and acute sick?

You ask for help and That`s what l did. I can`t do everything alone and thank God l have friends and family that drove me to the hospital, took care of the kids, gave them food and let me do the one thing l needed:

To take care of myself, rest and get well. With their help both l and the kids were taken cared of and today l finally feel a little better.

And it was just in time…. because my oldest is turning 8 these days and the whole family is coming to celebrate him, today! And l wouldn`t had a chance to get the birthday party up and going without all the help l`ve gotten.

So l want to end this post by sharing my talk to my five years old last night before he fell asleep and we always give thanks to everything that we are grateful for.

H: You know L, one of the most important things l can teach you is to say: thanks.

L: Mum, the most important thing is to breath.

H: (Chuckles a little before cuddling him and answering): That`s true. You need to breath, but think about it like this: How fun would it be to just be sitting alone breathing by yourself, with no friends or family to play with? With no one who wants to be with you or help you? That won`t be any fun or what?

L: (Was quiet for a while with his back facing me, before turning to me leaning his head against my chest saying): Ok mummy, I might see your point, a little. (Ok mamma, jeg kan si meg litt enig i det).

And then he fell a sleep in my arms.

With that especially good night talk yesterday (most evenings are not that cute and peacful. ha ha) l just want to get to my point, if l haven`t already made it clear: Say thank you, no matter what. Give thanks everyday, also the days you barely get through because of illness or other reasons. Ask for help when you need it and say thank you. Be grateful for all the people you have in your life that take care of you, those days when you need to be taken cared of.


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