Now it`s July and summer vacation and l have already been abroad with my kids. I must admit it was fantastic to get away from my daily life and just relax in the shadow by the pool.
We all need a break and distance from our daily lifes.

To rest your mind, your body, your heart and soul and be surrounded by something else than what you are usually surrounded by. To get inspired, energized and get new thoughts and ideas to bring with you back home. A break also makes it easier for you to see clearer what is working for you and what is not. For example:

Is there something at work you like to change?
Or is there something you realize you really really want to do this autumn?
Or is it time to priority your relationship more?
Or your health?
Or both?
Or maybe you just feel tired and realize that you are exhausted and need to take it easy for a while?

These kind of questions are usually something that pop up when you are relaxing in the sun or by the sea or by just doing something else.
I love what distance and a break can give you! It`s a door opener if you remember to listen to the questions that pop up when you are sunbathing or making a salad.
So today l will remind you to listen to yourself,your feelings and your thoughts and the questions that might pop up on your vacation. Let them be asked and bring them back home with you and look for magical answers.
The questions usually arise because on some level there is something in your life you want to change. So be smart: Listen to yourself, accept the questions that pop up and look for the answers that will make your daily life even better when you get back home!

Enjoy your vacation!

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