it`s summer and l eat more cold salads than l usually do. There is something about the heat that makes my stomach more satisfied with raw vegetables than during winter.

My favorite salad is tuna or greek salad, but also a form of avocado salad.

Avocado can be hard to digest, but if it works fine for you l would recommend you to eat it regularly because it`s good fat and it keeps you full.

My advice is to either:

1: Cut avocados in pieces and put spices on and eat it as is.

2: Use a blender and mix avocados, with onions and paprika and spices and eat it as a guacamole.

3: Cut it in slides and add it to fish or meat as a side dish.

4: Mix it in a salad with tuna or chicken andother vegetables.

The clue is that the avocados main function is that it will make you full. To get a perfect meal add some more vegetables and proteins as fish or meat. You can also add some olive oil to be even more full.