This is my last week at work before l`ll will take a break and go on vacation. It`s a little surrealistic to go on vacation when you are a workoholic. Ha ha! It`s good for me, l know and l know l need it too.

With holidays though your regular routines and priorities go easily out of the window, IF you don`t make sure they don`t.

Here are my best tips to make sure you keep fit during the summer:

1: Work out at least once during a week. Than you won`t loose too much muscles mass.

2: Priority resistance training. Work out the big muscles group. Ass, thigs, chest, stomach and back.

3: Do exercises where you don`t need equipment. In example: One leg shrimp and shrimp. You can check out my workout program without weights under Programs.

4: Keep prioritizing your regular meals and try to eat your sweets (ice cream,desserts) right after dinner and not to late in the evening.

5: Drink water. Avoid sodas and all the sugar.

6: Do your workout in the morning! It`s much more easier to do it when you wake up and before it gets too hot. The heat makes it harder to be active and therefor workout when the sun is low on the sky or in a cool room.

7: If you can and want to: Do resistance training twice during a week and do a interval session on a treadmill or outside.

8: Make sure you get enough proteins through the day. Eat salads with eggs, chicken and fish for example.

9: Start the day of with a big glas of water. If you eat breakfast avoid carbohydrates and eat them till lunch or dinner.

10: Enjoy your ice creams and your lazy days too. Remember a holiday is for taking a break and doing other things than what you do in your daily life.

I wish you a great summer!

PS: In July l will update Helle`s World once a week, but you can follow me on snapchat: #helleluxe

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