today l want to share a story about one of the ladies l`ve been so lucky to meet and guide in my studio, Smart Trening. Her name is Carina and she is a happy mum of two kids. I met her a year ago and she wanted as most of the people l meet: To get back in shape.

She wanted to be active and start working out again, to reduce back pain and get her figure back.

What happened?

She started working out once a week in the beginning. She also started eating more healthy, but the interesting part was that it wasn`t before Christmas the big changes happened.


Well, first and foremost to work out regulary and to eat healthy are two priorities and routines that take time to get used to. In that sense that all though she started eating more healthy in the beginning, she started taking not only one or two smart choices everyday, but several after a couple of month. She had soon learnt a lot of tricks on how to be and eat healthy. In addition to that she also started working out once a week at home besides the one time we met.


Oh yes! She got so profound results that she told me:

Helle, I don`t want to loose more weight. I want it to stop!

That was actually quite funny! (it`s not that often that people have that problem. ha ha!) Anyways I adjusted the program and we started working on other aspects with her body and health. We also decided to work on her engine, also called the butt and get it even stronger and toned. Together we made a new plan for her so she can keep working towards her goals and get even more results.

Here you can see what she has achieved so far:

Thighs: 60cm- 55cm
Butt: 102,5cm- 94cm!
Hips: 87cm- 82cm
Stomach: 80cm- 72,5cm
Arms: 30cm- 27cm
Weight: 71,6kg- 63,7kg!

Carina is a good example on how to get results and also how small changes in your daily life with healthy food choices and work out twice a week can give big results!

PS: And yes, she got her mojo back too! ha ha! We all need our mojo! Don`t you agree?:)

Good work Carina, I`m proud of you!

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