Today l want to share this delicious chocolate mousse/yoghurt!
It`s soooo easy to make. It takes you approximately 3 min to make and then put it in the refrigerator over the night and it`s ready.


1 box with ecological coconut milk.
2 ts of raw cacao powder
1 ts of raw cacao nibs (can skip it)
3 ts of probioform (fluid and active).
1/2 tb of raw honey
2 ts of Sukrin Gold

Do this: Put the coconut milk in a clean glas, then add raw cacao powder, nibs, honey, Sukrin gold and probiform. Blend it together with a spoon or a blender.

Then put on a cover and put it then in the refrigerator and let it stand there for approximately eight hours. When you take it out it should have a consistency as a mousse and taste delicious! If you want it sweeter ad some more honey or sukrin gold in it.

If you are using another kind of probiotics, 3 capsules for example: be aware that the mixture needs to be activated in a furnace. If you just have the light on it will be a nice temperature and the good bacterias will grow. You can have it in for 8-12 hours and the yoghurt will thicken. With probiform though you get a better consistency if you ask me, but at the same time you will probably have morelactic acid bacteria with placing it in the furnace over time.

Try it out!