today l want to tell you a secret about how to get things done in your daily life no matter what. Many people have a thousands excuses why they can`t do things. I use them too. It`s not something that l`m proud of and the reason for that is that the excuses are just excuses you are using to convince yourself that you can`t do it.

I say it again:

You use the excuses to excuse yourself so you don`t have to do the things you WANT and other times SHOULD do.

Either it is going to the gym,
Get your dream house,
pay your bills,
get through your weekly bucket list,
start on that project you are planning to,
or just cleaning your closet.

You don`t have the time, the energy or the money. You will do it tomorrow, the next week, after the holiday or next year or someday.

Do you know what l mean?

Well… tell me this:

Do you also know that feeling you have when it`s the beginning of a new year? When everything feels like a fresh start? When you have the energy and the motivation to get things done?

That feeling of a new beginning full of energy?Do you remember how good that feels?
The feeling that now you are ready to get things done?

That feeling, that`s the trick!
The trick is to realize the truth that the motivation and energy to get things done is in that feeling. The feeling of a new year.

The fake truth is that what you do have anything to do if it`s monday or friday, morning or night, if you have slept a lot or not, light or dark, summer heat or winter cold, if you have a lot of money or not. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact if you get things done or not.

I know this is hard to believe, but try. Most people believe that the fact that it`s dark or light outside determind what they are able to do. But if that`s true, what about blind people?
It`s a believe, not a truth that darkness and light determind what you can do.

The truth is instead that you can trigger the

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