here is a thing that surprises me when l meet people.

The fact that a lot of people go around expecting good things to happen to them, without knowing exactly what they want or consistently working towards what they want.

Either it is to get at great job, or a great relationship or having a great day.

Why this surprises me?
Well, it`s because:

If you don`t know what kind of job you like,
or what kind of relationship you want
or what a great day consists of:

How the h… are you going to get and find it?

It`s like going into a shop that sells all kinds of things and not knowing what you are looking for. The results will most likely be that you end up with something that looks nice or you might think you need. You buy something, you get something, but most likely you do not get what you really really want.

Today l will just say it:

1: Find out what you want!

2: Then make sure that you do one thing everyday to get to that goal!

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