Do you often have the feeling that the days are just passing by? And so do the weeks? The feeling that you get up and do what you are suppose to do and then you go to bed?

If you do have that feeling sometimes or often, you are not alone.
I used to have that feel in a lot earlier, but not anymore.

Today l want to share with you my secrets on how l make my daily life magical, no matter how tired l am or how bad mood the people around me are in.

What l do, is that l have a safety net and my three things l do everyday.

The safety net is a pool of small activities or thoughts l do everyday to make magic and stop time if only for a couple of minutes. The magic that l`m talking of it the feeling you get when you go to bed in the evening and you look back at your day and you think: Wow! That was fun! or That was so nice!

An activity can be: To call a friend, meet a friend, workout, go for a walk, reading a book, meditate, watching your favorite show or just drink a cup of coffee or having a laugh. I`ve made my self a pool of activities that has only one goal: TO MAKE ME HAPPY.

It`s not like l do all the activities on one day,
but l do at least one thing everyday!

So your magic lies in the things that make you happy. The question is therefor what kind of small activities make your day? When you find the answer to that question you will find your magic (I promise).

So, do this:

Find your small activities that make you happy. Write them down on your cell phone.

Implement them in your day. Make sure that you start your day with one activity (listening on your favorite music in the bathroom or meditate). Make sure you have one activity in the middle of the day or early afternoon (enjoy 10min on the couch or walk home in silence). At last make sure you do one last thing before you go to bed (send a nice text message to someone you love, read a book etc).

Before you go to bed think about all the things that have beengood about your day and give thanks for it. This will make you aware of the good things in your life and also amplify the feeling of joy in your life!

Try it out for three days and see if you find your magic in your life too!

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