I hope you have enjoyed your week so far!It`s been a busy one for me, even without kids.

As you know I`ve been working hard to get my book done and it`s done. The first writing part anyway, but not the rest.You have editing to do and meetings with the publisher and preparation and so on.

This week l finally got my book ready to be printed in my first edition (not the final edition you will find in a book store, but the first one).When the document finally was ready today l got my evidence that it has been a long ride. I have written more than 400 pages! Jizzes… ha ha!

I can`t wait to pick it up and hold my (baby) book in my hands!

After that and very soon l`m going to have meetings about my book and l`m ready to dress to impress. Who, what, where and how will be answered and l can`t wait till you too can hold my book in your hands!

Hugs and kisses!


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