Today l want to tell you about Line-Beate and what she achieved in just two and a half weeks at Smart Trening.

She wanted to get help to be guided on both nutrition, workout and life>

After 17 day she achieved the following:

– She didn`t have pain in her stomach anymore or feeling bloated.
– Her sleeping pattern improved and she started to sleep peacefully.
– She reduced her thighs from 56cm- 53,8cm
– She lost 3,5cm on her stomach
– She lost 1 kg in body weight.
– Herenergy levelwent up and was stable during the day.

What surprised her the most was what a big difference the small changes she did made! She had never gotten measurable results that fast.

The biggest change she did was (surprisingly) to her:
to eat more food!

She was also very surprised by the fact that she didn`t have to work out five times a week and the importance to put the right ingredients in a meal. Instead she now works out 3 times a week.

The hardest part for Line was actually the mentally part, to accept that it was possible to get results that fast. She understands it might sound strange, but she had been working so hard to get results and it shocked her when it happened so fast.

The easiest part for Line was actually to do the changes she did in her nutrition. She also noticed how the food affected her sleep. Already first day after doing changes, she slept like a baby after years with a non satisfying sleeping pattern.

After the 17 days she has continued to work towards her goals and making sure that she keeps having progression.

Line her self is the proof that it doesn’t have to take that long or too much work out to get results. Sometimes you just need to do som small changes to get big results!

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