Today l want to tell you how you can easily blend your vegetables in your warm lunch.
If you have a frying pan you will upgrade your lunch in no time.
All you need is:
– Butter
– Frosen spinach or green cale
– Eggs (or just salmon)

If you want to boost your gut (as you should everyday you also add broth in it).

Do this:
Heat up 1-2 tablespoons of high quality butter and optionally 1-2 tbs of broth. Add two handfuls of spinach or green cale and let it thaw in the pan before adding 2-3 eggs. Blend the eggs with the vegetables for a couple of minutes and you are done. Serve with an avocado and 2-4 tbs of olive oil on top to get full!

You can also:
– Add ham or other vegetables in the mix
– Skip the eggs and just fry salmon with it instead.

A lunch doesn`t have to be so advanced with a lot of ingredients!
Just make a good lunch for yourself.

Yes, you deserve it!

Enjoy your lunch!

PS: Remember you can make the lunch before you go to work and if you are smart you make dobbel portion, so you have for two days.