Are you one of those who always feel that you are missing something in the refrigerator, but still it looks like you have a lot in it?

Well, l know the feeling. Therefor l`ve tried to buy ONLY what l actually want and need every week. Not too little or too much.

Easily said and done though!

But I`m working on it and today l want to share what l have on my grocery shopping list. I`m still working on making the list perfect to save money, the environment and to make sure I and my kids get what we need.

So today I`ll share my top products.What l have to have in my kitchen all the time:

– Extra virgin Oliveoil
– Butter
– Green cale
– Coffee
– Eggs
Raw cacao powder

I also need to have these drink alternatives in my refrigerator:

– Apple juice
– Sparkling water with natural taste
-Almond milk

The apple juice l mix 1dl with 1dl sparkling water. That is my guilty pleasure and the closest you get me to drink soda on a regular basis. The kids get apple juice somedays. I mix it 50/50 with water. The almond milk l use in my breakfast and beside of that l drink water and coffee.

I do have normal milk in my coffee, but l try to keep theconsummation of milk products to a minimum. It`s hard on the digestive system and research are not exclusively positive to milk. I therefor prioritize milk products that are low pasteurized and non- homogenized.

The products above you will always find in my kitchen. What do you fill your refrigerator and kitchen with? Are you better than me to buy justwhat you need? If not check out my How to save money on food shopping and learn how you can save money, eat what you actually want and need and save the environment.

Enjoy your meals!

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