As l told you earlier l`m done making excuses and instead l`ve started doing three specific changes in my life:

1: I have written down 5 goals. Goals that will take me some time to achieve, but hopefully less than a year.

If you don`t have goals, then you won`t go where you want to go. You will move, but it won`t be in a specific direction, because you haven`t decided to go to any specific destination (goal). Instead you are at risk to end up a place you don`t want to go.

2: I make sure that l weekly or almost everyday do specific activities to reach my goals. Unless my goals will just be a fantasy. I need to make sure l take actions everyday to get to my destination.

Yes, l do. I write everyday for example. At least Monday to Friday.
I also have a goal in Love and a work goal. For example one of my goals is to have a lot of love and give it to the people l meet. Therefor l make sure that l everyday take at least one action were l give love. It can be to send a text message or a compliment. I also make sure that l always try to give the people l meet a good feeling. And big love? If l have that as a goal? And if l have it? ha ha! Look at the PS further down in the post and l answer you.

3: I do what l have planned to do.

Sounds silly? But no, it`s not. I do not allow excuses to sneek up on me. If l do that, suddenly l haven`t written the 2-3 hours l had planned. When that`s said, it doesn`t mean that life doesn`t have surprises. Like sick children and other unforseen challenges that need to be taken care of and so on. But it`s like my working out habits, l find a solution and l do what l have planned. Maybe not a full workout at the gym, maybe l do it in the livingroom, but l do it! This is essential. You have to get in alignment with the principle of being true to your habits. Do what you have planned, no matter what hits you. You can get a cup of coffee with a friend in between your plans, but you need to make sure that you stay true to your plans also. That you still have the time to do your activities as planned. Remember, the first step is to get rid of your excuses and then get started to be true to your plans and take actions.

I will end this hopefully inspirational message with an example of how one of my days can be designed/planned:

0600-0700: work (emails, administration)

0700-0830: Getting the kids to school and kindergarden (they will be with their father in the afternoon).

0845-1015: Workout + lunch

1015-1300: Writing my book

1300-1400: Break, Coffee date, meeting a friend.

1500- 2000: Sessions at the studio and dinner.

2000-2200: Relax and a night meal/friends

2215: Sleep.

The main point is not that you have to time everything you do, but that you actually make time to DO the things that you want to do. Also that your activities you do actually take you to your goal. If you do that, then you won`t have a lot of time to watch TV. But that´s ok, isn`t it? Because l don`t have any goals or plans seeing a lot of TVseries, but maybe you do? If so, watch TV. If you have another goal, do the things you have to do to reach it.

Do this to reach your goals::

1: Find your goal and write it down.
2: Write down what you will do everyday to reach your goals. Make a plan.
3: Follow your plan(!)

That`s it.

Try it out this evening!

Write down one goal and then what you are going to do on a daily basis to reach it and then don`t forget to Do it.

PS: I will share with you how l make sure that l reach my goal of having BIG love in my life too. I mean… We all want a LOT of love in our lives and yes, also love from someone extra special. So stay tuned. I`ll share it with you soon… The big love day is coming up very soon! <3

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