Today l want to start on my sweet tooth search. In that sense that l want to find and share healthy desserts that will give you pleasure and that support your diet. I have shared this recipe before,but it`s too good to not mention one more time.

I think most people would agree on the fact that it`s good to eat some carbohydrates and natural sugar, l believe so anyways.

I also believe that the right time to eat your sugar is straight after your dinner. Instead of having a late night snack you eat your dessert after dinner and then you should be full and satisfied.

That`s the plan.

Then l would recommend those of you who want to loose weight to avoid more meals before the next day and to start off the day with only coffee/ (bulletproof coffee) Then you will get a fasting effect too. If this is new to you, l recommend you buying my nutrition program to get all the information to how to loose weight by eating smart.


1: Eat your dinner
2: Eat your dessert straight after
3: Don`t eat anything else before the next day. Drink water or green tea without sugar in it.

I recommend you try this very nice dessert.

Frozen rasperries with coconut milk and blend in stevia or Sukrin.You can add som raw cacao chunks on top.You get the full recipe here.

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