To have a flat stomach give you a lot of benefits.

You get a good attiude, a better workout technique, a better support of your back, besides of the fact that turned on stomach muscles look good.

I think so anyways.
In that sense that turned on muscles look make you look stronger, energized and younger. Mainly because when you turn on your stomach muscles you get a better posture

Most people l guide don`t have a flat stomach when they see me the first time. Mainly because the muscles are turned off through the day. Instead of pulling the stomach in and up, the stomach is hanging outside- turned off!

They can turn it on when they workout or when they lift something heavy, but besides of that: The stomach is something they look down on. Something most people want to get ridd off.

They want it to be flat.

Today I therefore want to show you a picture of one of the people that workout in my studio at Smart Trening. She has given birth to three kids (and yes l have also helped her loose some fat on her stomach with changing her nutrition).


What we are working on is to keep her stomach turned on all day.

If you see on the pictures below you can see in the picture on the left: She has turned on her stomach some, but not as much as l want her to. On the picture on the right on the other hand, she has turned her stomach more on and her back, shoulders and ribcage is in a better position.

The trick is to strengthen your stomach muscles correctly and make sure that you really turn them on while you are working out. If you do so and you remember to urn your stomach muscles on when you are at work or on your way to the bus, your body will more automatically and more easily activate your stomach muscles when you move around.

How to turn the stomach muscles on?

– You pull your stomach from the pubic bone in towards your back and up towards your ribcage.

– And you keep your stomach there! When you breath and when you move! Important!

– And at last you try to lengthen your upper body and increase the distance between the hipbones and ribcage.

Try it out!

Pull your stomach in and up and keep it there while your move around breathing and talking. That`s how you turn them on and then make sure to work out your stomach muscles at least three times a week!

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