today l`ll share my top three breakfast alternatives to make sure l don`t put on the breaks on the fatburning.

The breakfast also guarantee me good, lasting energy and they are all easy to make. I recommend you to drink one of the options below for at least a week and see and notice the difference.You only drink water beside of the drinks below and you don`t eat lunch before noon.
The first option is the most efficient because it gives you a fast. The other two alternatives will give you a drink with proteins.

1: Black coffee with butter, olive oil or coconut oil.

One cup of black coffee
2 table spoons of fat (unsalted butter or oliveoil or coconut oil).
1 table spoon of MCT og XCT oil
Blend it in a smoothie machine or a steamer.

2: Hot Cacao!

1 table spoon raw cacao
2 scoops of collagen protein powder
2 table spoons of cacao butter (chop it)
1 table spoon of MCT coconut oil or XCT oil.
1/2 table spoon of sukrin gold or similar
1-2 dl hot water

Blend it with a smoothie machine or steamer

3: Cold chocolate with almondmilk!

1-2 dl unsweetened almond milk
1 table spoon raw cacao
2-7 table spoons extra virgin olive oil (The more you put in the bigger the meal will be).
1/2 table spoon sukrin gold
2 scoops of collagen protein powder
Blend it together and put cinnamon on top.

If you are pregnant or you get counsuling from a doctor, counsul with your doctor before making changes in you diet.

Try my drinks for a week and feel and see the difference!

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