Today l did something really scary. I decided it was time to leave and l sent my resignation. The last year l have been in limbo and in a transition in my life and l have therefor rented an apartment, till today.

Now l`m off.

The question you and most people are asking me today is: where?

And the answer to that question is: I don`t know!

Ha ha!

This is sooo funny and a little scary at the same time. And peoples faces when l´m telling them are awsome. They are like: You haven`t bought anything? You decided to stop leasing before you got something new?

Yes and yes.

Their questions are telling my that what l`ve done is something they wouldn`t do. They would wait till they knew where they were going before leaving.

I didn`t wait.I jumped!

I`m proud of myself, really. Of course l was scared in the beginning, but then l asked myself; Why am l scared? What is the worst thing that could happen? And really? I will be ok. It will be fine. I`m proud of myself because l didn`t let my fears stop me from doing what l wanted to do. You see, all though l don`t know where l`m going yet, l know where it is.

I want(!) to live in a loft apartment nearby where l live now. I know the size of it, how l want it to look and l know which feeling l want to get when l live there.

Do l need to know anything else?

ha ha! (You are like, yes! You need to know your finances, go out looking for apartments and have a plan B).

I`m like: Dont you worry. Relax. It`s going to be okay. I`m going to be okay. I`m not scared anymore. I`m safe, I`m in love and protected and my need will be taken cared of. That`s the believes and principles that l live according to.

Not fear.

My heart and head are all ready in my new apartment which l all ready love and where l`m going to live.

The next months will help me find it,
just wait and see!

PS: Thank you for dropping by!

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