Today l will give you my top three ways to make myself happy. Because my happiness comes from myself and it`s my responsible to make myself happy. ( I hope you agree on that, If you don`t the next parts will be hard to swallow).

To start of my day or turn myself on to be happy l do one or all of these three things:

1: Give Thanks.

I think about everything that`s good in my life and l give thanks for it. My health, my kids, my friends, my family, the sun, the silence, beautiful music and all the love l have in my life….

This l do at least every evening before l fall to sleep, but works when ever you feel turned off.

2: FInd the truth behind your negative emotions.

If l feel low or down, angry or sad, l don`t ignore it, I accept it.
It doesn`t mean that l linger in the feeling to long. Instead l try to find what FEAR that lies behind the feeling. I accept it and then find what lie that`s in it. If l get a parking ticket l can get angry, because my fear is that l don`t have enough money in my life. That`s a lie. I do have enough and l have and l will be taken care of in the future. That`s the truth and then the anger dissolves.
(1:Negative emotion comes up, 2: find the fear, 3: find the lie behind you are believing 4; find the truth principle instead 5: The negative emotion will dissolve. )

I know this thought of finding your fear is a little new to some, but we all go around telling us selfs lies full of fear. We don`t have enough money, we don`t have enough love or energy…. But these are lies. You do have money and your life is full of love if you start seeing it and giving it and energy? It`s a lie you keep telling yourself that you lack it. You decide that you have a lof of energy and then you make yourself full of energy. You then go and get enough sleep, eat healthy and work a couple hours more in the evening, because you decide that your truth is that you have energy.

To be happy you need to find your fears and find the truth principle behind it. The one that is based on love and you have to start practice and believing in that principle everyday. You will then experience the true principle that yes, you do have energy and after some time your truth will be that you are a duracell rabbit. But it starts by you telling yourself that your fear is a lie, that you then find the truth principle behind it and that you believe and act out of that!

3: Put on your favorite song and give thanks one more time

Just try it. Put on a happy song and fill your head and heart with all the good things that you have in your life. It works.
Or to say it in other words: If you don`t fill yourself up with love and good things and truth… you will instead be filled up with hate, darkness and sh..!

It`s your life, your head, your heart,

Your choice.

I choose beauty and love in my life and that`s why my life is magical!

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