today I`ll share this healthy and delicious tasting snack.

It`s perfect:

– After a workout
– when you need a fast meal
– when you need a small meal

The thing that decides how big meal it will be, is the amount of olive oil you put in. If you want a small meal, use the smallest amount in the recipe. Do you want a big meal go big and use the biggest amount in the recipe. l know it can sound a little crazy to drink oliveoil, but try it out!

When l drink This meal l don’t eat food or any drinks containing sugar too. To combine healthy fat with a lot of sugar/carbohydrates is not what l would recommend. If you on the other hand don’t mix carbohydrates together with your healthy chocolate milk you will get: full, a lot of energy, stable blodsuger and increase your fatburning!

Remember also that there is a goal to eat a reduced amount of carbohydrates in the nutrition l recommend. That means that you should try to not eat more than approximately 100g of carbohydrates each day, but of course there is individual differences.

Enjoy your drink!

Healthy Chocolate Milk:

1. dl Almond milk (Preferably without sugar)
2 spoons of protein powder (collagen powder).1-2 table spoons of raw cacao
1 table spoon of MCT coconutoil or XCT
2-6 table spoons of Extra Virgin Olive oil
1/2 tablespoon of Sukrin Gold

Blend it together with a blender or in a kitchen machine and serve!

Top it with cinnamon!

I hope you like it!

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