Today l`m glad to share a life secret with you. A secret I believe everbody should know about and hopefully you already know about it.
A habit that will make it much easier to go through life with a straight back and with a big smile.

A secret one of my favorite persons, Susanne Sundfør also knows about. Not only does she know about it, she is also one person that stays true to this habit, no matter where she is in the world.

The reason why l share it with you is because just like me, she also wants you know the secret.

What secret?

What habit?

The secret of doing resistance training.
The habit of working out regulary. To give your body resistance so you get strong.

If you are physically strong, you will be mentally strong.

No matter if you live a busy life with work and family or your travel around the world and perform on stages, you need strength.
You need a body that can carry you and you need to take care of your body.
No matter what you do for living or where you are.
You need to do it every week.
That`s it.

That`s the secret,
that`s the habit that will make your life easier and much more fun!

So now you can`t say you didn`t know what to do, if you ever feel weak or under the weather.

Just go and get strong.

With love from both of us.

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