Today on the most beautiful day of the year,Valentine l want to tell you about my love.

Because l do have a man in my life, well actually several men to be honest.

But before l share why l love him (him, him, him and him), l just want to start by saying that: For me being in lovemeans mainly to be in a state of love. A state of love is: To give love to yourself and to the people you meet, in thoughts and in action no matter what.

That a principle. A way of living. My life rule.
When I live by the love rule, life blossoms! I promise, it does. So l’m in love all the time (Well, trying to be anyways, but not always that easy).


But today l promised to share with you my big love in life. Not my principle, but my love. So let me tell you about him.

Yes, l have a man in my life which l love.

Well, no… I have actually one, two, three, four, five…men that l love. That l call love.

– Like many boyfriends?

ha ha! The discussion about what defines a boyfriend l can have another time, but today l want to tell you about him, him, him, him and him.

ha ha! Funny.
And yes he is funny. Him, him, him, him and him.

– But you can`t love more than one?

– Really? Can l not?
But I do.

And guess what: They love me too.

And just to be clear: Love is not a competition. I don`t write this to make it a love competition, but l want to tell you about the men l love and why. And the number is five (so far).

The first thing is a little cliche, but still:

He makes me smile.
When l see him l always remember how beautiful he is.

He respects me and admires me and he is honest and true to me and himself too.

I love that he protects me.
I love that he understands me.
I love that he challenges me.
I love that he helps me in my life.
I love our talks.I lover our walks.
I love the moments we share.
I love staring into his eyes.
I love standig by his side.
I love being in the same room with him.
I love beingwithhim without talking.
I love to feel his love.
I love to give him love.
I love that he comforts me.
I love that we can argue and have different opinions.
I love that he gives me my freedom.
I love that he doesn`t interfer in my life.
I love that our hearts are intertwined, but not our lives.

I love that our love is timeless.
I love that our love exists regardless of time and space.
I love him no matter what.

What does that mean?

It means that all l want is for him to be happy.
If he finds happiness another place or with another person, it doesn`t matter. I will still love him.

So, that`s it.
That`s my big love.
That`s why l love him,
and him.

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