Believe it or not, but l don`t like to go shopping. I get a rush like most other people when l first go shopping though. You know the feeling you get when you have bought something new? You feel energized and happy.

Well, that feeling usually disappears after a short while. That is my experience anyway.

Sale posters are often hanging in the different stores to tempt us to buy stuff and here is the reason why l don`t go shopping when it`s sale:

I don`t want to buy things that l don`t need just because it`s cheap.

The exception is if l know there is something I need that`s on sale, then l go and buy it. But honestly, how often do you go into a store that has sale knowing what to buy?

My impression is that most people go and look at the sale prices and buy things that look nice, but often things they don`t need or will ever use.

Therefor l was so happy after l went (for once!) on shopping last Friday. I ignored the sales posters and went for the things l had planned to look for and buy.

And I found what l wanted and all though it wasn`t on sale it wasn`t that expensive either. I also like to pay a little extra for clothes that l know l will really appreciate and use a lot!

And the best of all:

I only have things that l truly want to have in my wardrobe!

My best tips to get your best bargains when shopping are:

1: Now in advance what you are looking for.
2: Avoid to let the price on a outfit decide if you are going to buy it or not.
3: Buy only the things you would use the same day in theory and that you know you have room for in your warderobe!
PS: Remember to bring bags next time you go shopping, so you don`t have to pay and get more plastic bags. You have a lot of them at home, just like me, don`t you? And as we know, the world has allready too much plastic.

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