Go and get it now!

The one thing you can do to make sure you get a good year is to make sure you get good inspiration in your life! It`s very important to be inspired to make it easier to make more healthy choices in your life.

Here are three inspiration goals you can aim for no matter what your goals are for 2018:

1:Go and find a place, a website, a friend or an article that make you want to eat healthier!

2: Go and find people or a place where you will get inspired to workout more and more regularly

3: Go and find books, music, people or information that make you smile and appreciate life more. Make your surroundings happy and it will be easier to smile.

Today l will give you that have the chance to come and visit me in Oslo in my studio at Smart Trening an invitation to come to my studio for inspiration!

My goal is to inspire you through fun and efficient exercises. I will also serve you some of my favourite drinks and give you a video workout program in addition to some products to bring home!

Hopefully you will go home and feel energized, happy and motivated to rock 2018!

Do you want an invitation?

Send me an email at post@smarttrening.no and I`ll invite you!The first chance to come and visit me will be on:

Wedensday the 17. of January at 6pm.

There is only room for 5 persons. It wil last approximately an hour and the session, serving, program and products only cost you 399,- norwegian kroner.

Send me an email and l`ll make sure you get a seat for an evening full of inspiration!

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