Today l share my top exercises to get a strong and flexible back. I`ve had backproblems in my early twenties, it`s not fun.

If you have a weak back, stiff or back pain try these exercises. Make sure that they don`t do you any harm, with that l mean that it`s important that you listen to your body. If you feel that it is not good for you, don´t do the exercise. When that`s said, these exercises should make you feel stronger and better!

Do them daily for a week an notice the difference!

Exercise 1:
Roll up

This exercise is good for strengthening your stomach, but also making your back more flexible. Make sure that you don`t ounce up, but instead pull yourself carefully up by your arms. The goal is to roll through one vertebrae at the time up and down. Pull your stomach into your back while rolling. Inhale laying down, exhale on the way up, inhale when you are sitting up and exhale while rolling down.

5-7 rep

Exercise 2:
Roll your back up
This exercise is great to strengthen your back and butt. When your roll up and down you also increase the flexibility in your back.

5-7 rep

Exercise 3:

This exercise will strengthen your back and neck. Make sure that you don`t lift to high up. Try to lengthen out of your head and make sure that your stomach is supporting your lower back. You shouldn`t feel any aching in your back.

5-7 rep

Exercise 4:
The Stick

This exercise is great to get your muscles working together and support each other. Flatten your back, squeeze your butt and tighten your stomach and pull your shoulder blades down into your back. Keep all muscles group active while lying still. Try to lift of your arms a few centimeters of the floor without loosing your muscles activation.

60 sec.

Exercise 5:
Hipflexor stretch

hfkølagølgjkløææTo stretch your hipflexors do this exercise on both legs. The muscles affect your back and hips and a flexible and strong muscle will give you a better posture and back. Make sure you feel the stretch on the front side of your thigh. The higher up you feel the stretch the better.

10-30 inhale/exhale on each side.

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