The most important thing is that you actually do workout.

When that`s said you can be smart and workout at a time during the day that will increase your fatburning.

That time is before lunch.


If you drink the breakfast l recommended you to drink then the smartest thing you could do is to go an workout. Either you choose to walk or jog to work or go to the gym you will boost your fat burning.

Since your fat burning is all ready rolling after a good night sleep and you have been drinking a drink that don`t stop the fat burning, you can boost it even more by being active.


1: Go/bicycle to work/school so you feel a little short of breath.

2: If you can: Go to the gym too and lift weights.

If you are very smart, you go to work/school everyday and you workout in the morning 1-2 times a week at the gym with weights.

What do you think? Is it possible?

YES it is!:)

Keep drinking your breakfast and boost your body by being active in the morning!

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