Yes, l am!

I`m so in love I told a friend, and she said:
In who?

Who? I said before l realized that she thought l was talking about the person I`m in love with.


I love many people.
Some people l love a lot
and a few people l love more than l ever thought was possible.
But I`m not talking about my love towards a person today.

I`m talking about being in love.

Love is not a person, love is a way of living. It`s about giving to everyone and everything around you.

That`s being in love.

To be in love with a person is a small part of it, but Big love is much bigger than a crush.You see, to be in love means to smile to strangers, give hugs to the people you love, be thankful in thoughts, in emails and in life.
You give because you are in love, not because you are expecting something in return. You give flowers, a compliment, a gift because you want to give. Not because the person has to give you something in return. If not, it`s more like an exchange. I give you this, if you give me that. I have experienced that too, but that is not love. Then love has become a purchase, something you trade. I don`t trade love or negotiate with love. Love is something that exist no matterwhat. Love is something you are in as a principle.

Big love is not at feeling, it`s a principle.

To be in love is bigger than being into a person. To be in love is something you choose, not only something you are when you meet a special human being.When you are in love with a person people often feel great and they start to give more love to themselves and to others because of that.
But big love doesn`t need another person to start giving. It just is, everywhere, also in you. It is up to you to choose to be in love or choose not to, or wait to be in love through another person instead. You can choose to be in love now or just wait to another person makes you feel good and you`ll be in love. But what will happen the day the person no longer makes you feel great? Then you won`t be in love will you? You will be out of love and again start looking for the big love, because you want to be in love, don`t you?

Be in love


Start giving to yourself and everyone and everything around you.

Be love.

Give love.

No matter what.

No matter where.

No matter who

Love is everywhere if you decide to love also when life is painful and you are hurt. I choose love, l choose to try to be in love no matter what.

And when you give love, life will give you love back. It doesn`t mean you will get the same gift in return, or a hug or a smile. Somedays it feels like you don`t get anything, but that`s ok too. Because l believe in love. I believe in the principle of love and l don`t abandon that because someone do or say something l don`t like. If you live your life based on the principle of big love, life will give you big love in return.

I know.
I experience it every day.
And yes, l can be in hell and somedays l am,
but l`m always trying to be in love.

PS: And yes. To be in love with a person is wonderful. Really. Who doesn`t want to have butterflies? You want to know who I`m in love with? The one that makes my heart ache? OK, l will tell you about that another time (I promise), but till then:

Stay in love.

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