Today it`s 8 years since l started Smart Trening in Benneches street and a lot has happened since then.Do you know what l feel this morning after all these years?Gratitude and Joy!

I realize that l truly love Smart Trening and all though I didn`t know what l could expect when l started Smart Trening, l knew something that is as true now as it was then.

It was the right thing to do.

I might have been naive and without a business plan, but my heart and soul knew my truth. That Smart Trening would make me happy. It was true love. It hasn`t changed. Smart Trening might have changed some and l`ve gotten older and changed perspective about different things, but the core is as beautiful as it was the first day, 8 years ago.

I wanted to help people, inspire people and give them tools to make them feel better in their lifes. That was my plan and that is still my plan.

I must admit that l`m proud. Proud because l found my love in life and that it`s still in my life. It has been hard times and good times and l have also found more love in my life during the last 8 years. The biggest change since l started is that l now have more love in my life and l therefor have more to give!

Proud, humble and grateful l thank all of you who has been a apart of Smart Trening and big thanks to my colleagues: Kristine, Axel and Isabel.

To celebrate Smart Trening l give you 40% discount on your first session at Smart Trening included a work out program or a nutrition program, either you choose to do it online og want to come to our studio in Bennechesgate.

The street where my big love is located and l and my collegues are ready to help you to shine in your life! Send us an email at post@smarttrening.no to make an appointment to visit us!

PS: The birthday present is valid to 31.10.17.

Happy birthay my love!

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