Today l`ve decided to share a lovestory from my life.

I want to tell you about a man that l`m so lucky to have in my life.

He has been a part of my life for a while now. Someone would call him a stranger, other would call him my boyfriend.

I call him neither.

I call him love.

Love is the nickname I use when l love someone a lot and yes, I do call several people by that name. I love a lot;)

The nickname it`s my way of saying:
You mean the world to me and all l want is for you to be happy.

The love story has no beginning or no end. The reason for that is that love is something that just is. I didn`t slowly start to love him. I loved him straight away. The first time l met him my heart knew, he was big love. He might not know that (well, maybe now as l`m writing it though. ha ha!). Likewise l will never stop loving him, no matter who he`ll marry or not. If he will stay in my life for ever or he will be gone tomorrow. Love doesn`t change. It just is.

Is he my one big love?

I don`t know.

If there is one big love, does that mean you can`t love several people? In that case, no. He is big love and he is also one of a handful that l love big time.

To me love is much more than just two persons being in love. Or more than a parents love for her or his children. Love is everywhere and the only difference is how much you love. How much you give to the different persons around you. In a wider sense, l love everybody, but there are only some people l give a lot of love too. Only a few l keep really close in my life and he is one of that few.

One of the reasons is that:

He accepts me for who l am.
He doesn`t invade me with his opinions, expectations or wishes.
He respects me and admires me and because of that it`s a lot of space for love.

A lot of space.

And it goes both ways.

In addition to that he is very smart, funny, good looking and l relax when I´m around him. And guess what? He has a very big heart. It`s actually bigger than him.

He knows that l love him. I`ve told him several times, but first and foremost l`ve shown it to him. That`s actually the only thing you can do, if you really love.

To show the one you love that you truly love true actions.

Actions for him, not for yourself. Not based on your expectations or wishes, but based on his. Not tell him, but to make himfeel it in his heart.

I don`t talk to him very often. I see him even more randomly and I don`t know if that will change and it doesn`t matter. Things are changing anyways. Life is always changing, but love isn`t. If you really love someone big time you love them no matter what. Sometimes you have them close, sometimes you don`t see them, but love doesn`t disappear.

I love him a lot and yes he can disappear, but no, my love for him won`t.

Do you wonder If he loves me?
Does it matter?


But yes, I believe he does. He has told me, but first and foremost l feel it. When we are together, but even more when we are apart.

I can hear his heart calling for me.

I can feel his heart resting in mine.

I hear. I feel. I know.

That he loves me.

My love.


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